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Me is a high-profile scooter when it comes to its design, concept and performance. It is not a scooter for those seeking a cheap imported product. Owing to its characteristics and its remarkable design, Me even wants to win over those who have never thought about buying an electric scooter so far.

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My name is Veronica Franzini, I'm founder and chairman of ME GROUP, an innovative italian startup designer and owner of patnet and design beyond the creation of ME Electric Scooter. I'm going to tell you how I ccame on this trip and I am sure you will love to JOIN us!



You can find more information about the Team at the end of this description, where I'm introducing you the story beyond the creation of ME, the opportunity we faced and why and how we would love to have you on board with us. Thanks and enjoy the ride!



Having a look at Italian market we can say, that merely doesn't exist. Actually is so small, that make us beeing almost the biggest player!

Our research on trends, motivations and opportunities led us market doesn't really exist yet, because there is not a product that convince people to buy it, at least in Italy. Most of scooters in the market are made in China, low performing and quite ugly. Logically Italian market, in love with design and quality, has not yet accepted such products, where either most convinced environmentalists still prefer bicycles..

Here are some key facts:

  • Worldwide sales for electric scooter, are expected to growth from 4,1 milion pieces in 2015 to more than 4,4 milion by 2024. In 2015 Chinese market represents 96,3% of total worldwide sales, but is going decrease to 76,9% by 2024, with a significant growth in Nord America and West Europe, besides emerging economies like India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

High components costs and low demand are preventing sales of Electric Motorcycles, but this market is ready to explode and find new hig profile contests(...)”, John Gartner,  Navigant Research' chief.

font: Navigant Research - Electric Motorcycles and Scooters - 1Q 2015
  • growth existing potential market. People that already use traditional scooters and new consumers of every age, answering to a need of new urban mobility and sentiment;
  • saving money is becoming a trend, either on the environmental and the economic side;
  • higher standard of production, which cannot be covered by chinese products.

New opportunities are available on the market. And we want to take part of them.



Our project started by creating a multidisciplinary Team, made by people from different professional experiences, including :

  • business management
  • strategic marketing
  • product design
  • communication and design strategy
  • product engineering
  • material engineering
  • industrial manifacturing.

This way ME born:

innovative design

born to be electric

Italian identity and Sheet Moulding Compound.




Born in 2013, is the company brought to life by the working team that began the adventure of the Me scooter.

Founding partners

Scalvenzi, cooperative company in Pontevico (BS, Italy), Leader company in the production of systems for the compaction of waste, is on of the first examples of workers buy-out in Italy. In ME Group they are in charge of product development and production strategies.
Rossa, communication agency in Camignone (BS, Italy), based in the middle of Franciacorta, surronded by vineyards, the agency is focused on designing marketing and communication strategies for companies in the industrial, agrifood, manufacturing and services business. With a predilection for startups, Rossa design and develop ME Group communication and marketing strategy.
VE&D, vehicle engineering and design company in Turin (TO, Italy), born in 1963, is an historic product engineering company, operating in the automitive market. With clients such Alfa Romeo, Iveco, Fiat, Aprilia, Opel and Volvo, VE&D is the engineering part of ME Group.



The headquarters are located in Franciacorta, in the creative workshop-farmstead of the communications agency Rossa. Another operational headquarters is located in Pontevico, at Scalvenzi.

Since its creation as a working team and then as a newco, the Me Group has shaped into a “widespread” business. This is possible because the scooter production line, based on our patented frame in Sheet Moulding Compound, is extremely simplified.

The manufacture of the key components of the scooter like the frame and cover and other parts such as the saddle, handlebars, throttle and more are made in Italy.

The power pack is provided by Samsung. As for the other components that are not imported from within the EU, as is the case normally in the two-wheeler industry, our research and development efforts are focused on finding equally reliable substitutes with even higher performance made in Italy or in Europe



We have realized the first working prototype, in order to test drive and get the omologation and certification from TÜV. Since July 2015, ME Scooter is accepting pre-orders, with estimated delivery between january and march2016.





The vast majority of products in the market is made in China (Navigant Research indicates bigger players are Chinese company Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co., Australian company VMoto, Japanese company Terra Motors, Taiwanese company SYM Motors and German company Govecs). Prices and products vary a lot.

Fro a design perspective products can be divided into traditional oriented scooters, that simply change the battery compartment, to others that are trying to redesign in a arguable way. GoGoro is the only company that is trying to do something differen, but its usage is limited to the areas where is possible to replace their battery, which are not purchasable.

Doesn't exist any other electric scooter nowadays, completely designed to be electric, most of the other products available are simply conversions of the traditional ones, while most "innovators" doesn't conclude to be disruptive. There is no Icons out there, and we want to be the one.


Our research has sought to reduce the overall weight of the ME through the study of a lightweight frame. The result is the patent of a new frame in
Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC)


Sheet Moulding Compound is a thermosetting material in sheets made from glass fibres, mineral fillers, pigments and unsaturated polyester resins, obtained by grafting strands of glass fibres cut on a layer of polyester resin.

The curing process yields a perfectly homogeneous and stable product when the material is finished heating.
This means there is no need to weld components, mount plates or assemble uprights

In sintesi, i principali vantaggi derivanti dall’impiego del Sheet Moulding Compound sono i seguenti:

  • It offers a considerable performance-to-weight ratio compared to other commonly used materials.

  • High mechanical and thermal resistance.

  • High dielectric strength.

  • Self-extinguishing and total absence of halogens

  • Low specific weight

  • Great dimensional stability

  • Excelent resistance to the corrosive actions of atmospheric and chemical agents

  • Big customizable design


ME GROUP Business plan is was formulated with prudence. The "factory" of ME factory is widespread, involving several companies, member companies or partners specialized in the different stages of production, from the molding of structural parts, assembly, to after-sales services.

Annual Productions (3rd year) 2.140 pieces
Gross Sales 7.520.000 €uro
Gross Profit Margin 1.750.000 €uro
EBITDA 870.000 €uro (11%)
EBT 630.000 €uro (8%)



ME is a high profile scooter either from a design, concept or performance perspective, and is focused on a trasversal target, that cares for alternatives to cars.

ME is perfect for people looking at shapes and essence. We want too conquer those who have never think on buying an electric scooter, just because is not a scooter: Me is a new, beautiful "object" that allows its owner to solve his/her individual mobility needs in a different way..




All informations are available on the website Best thingshould be try it!

ASK for a TEST DRIVE, send an email to






We are looking to grow with YOU!

Me Group srl launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign issuing 25.000 new shares at a value of 12€ per share, for a total amount of 300.000 € . Minimum share purchasable start at 1200 €uro, while the Maximum is 12.000 €uro.

Pre-Money valutation is set at 1.200.000 €

Investors trough Equity Crowdfunding campaign are eligible to appoint  2 of 5 or 3 of 7 Board of Directors members.

CEO's nomination will be with equity crowdfunding investors approvation. 

All voting rights are included



Tax deductions are available for those investing in Italian companies and producing income in Italy :

  • those investing as individuals can benefit from a tax deduction on their personal incomings in Italy, for a 19% of the amount invested. 500.000 € per year is the maximum investment on which the deduction is calculated. The investment must be maintened for at least two years.
  • those investing as companies can benefit from a tax deduction on their companyl incomings in Italy, for a 20% of the amount invested. 1.800.000 € per year is the maximum investment on which the deduction is calculated. The investment must be maintened for at least two years

Advising from accountant are recommended.




Veronica Franzini - 1971. Degree in Economics from the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. After some consulting experience in marketing area as a freelancer, from 2012 coordinates the communications agency that inspired the project ME. Me Group he serves as chairman of the Board of Directors, responsible for marketing and communication

Marco Salvi - 1981. Degree in Engineering Management from the University of Brescia. After working a year in the UK at a consulting company in the automotive sector for the major automotive groups English, in 2006 he was hired as the team responsible for the production of Bremach Srl, a company specialized in 4x4 vehicles. Since 2011 he is CEO of Ve & D Ltd., historical company product engineering in the automotive industry, founded in 1963, with an office in Brescia and Turin. Me Group holds the position of head of product design and technical supervision to purchases.

Diego Cigolini - 1977. Works in Scalvenzi since 1995. His commitment has seen in various roles, mainly for supplies and procurement. In Scalvenzi Cooperative Society where he serves as President. Me Group he serves as head of production and logistics.

Sergio Mori - 1972. Designer, in 1998 he won the 18th Golden Compass (youth section). Currently she teaches Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts LABA (Brescia) and Industrial Design at IED (European Institute of Design - MI). Designs and coordinates the picture for many companies in the field house.

Dario Pagnoni - 1987. Science in Marketing Management. Bachelor in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication. Digital strategy and marketing consultant with experience in marketing management, social media management, community building and digital strategy. Specializations in strategic marketing, digital strategy, social media management, community management, content management.

Fabio Romaioli - 1976. Graphic and advertising technician, today plays the role of Key Account and creative supervision in the agency communication that inspired the project ME. Me Group is the oversight role to the development of product design.

Leonardo Di Minno - Sales manager for various companies that produce parts and accessories for the motorcycle sector. Leonardo and his collaborators (66 agents) operate an established client base comprising over 1,000 stores (of which 40% retailers or official dealers of motorcycles and scooters). Me Group is the coordinating role of the commercial network Italy.

Davide Vaccari - Sales manager for companies that produce parts and accessories for the motorcycle sector, has significant experience in commercial area for Kawasaki Off Road, Garelli SpA Leonardo Di Minno collaborates to Me Group in the role of coordination of the commercial network.

Gianvittorio Bonardi - 1956. Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, SDA Bocconi on business development and check-up of Production Systems. Consolidated experience in management and organization in the textile sector of high range. Me Group has assumed the role of interim managers.

Fabio Bonardi - Degree in Geology at the University of Milan, Corso Measurement and Cost Control Company at SDA Bocconi. Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Confindustria ASSOMARMOMACCHINE. From 2003 to 2009 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Consortium of Producers Botticino Classico. In Scalvenzi he serves as general manager, administrator with powers to trade and production. Me Group is the role of general supervision and responsible relations with foreign countries.








04 January 2016

Con la presente si comunica che in data 28 Dicembre 2015, presso il Notaio Gabriele Bezzi, (repertorio 281 e raccolta 210) si è tenuta l’Assemblea Straordinaria della società ME Group s.r.l., il cui verbale è stato iscritto nel Registro delle Imprese di Brescia in data 29 Dicembre 2015 (protocollo n. 111256/2015), nella quale è stato deliberato quanto segue:

  • modifica parziale della delibera di aumento di capitale sociale adottata in data 25 giugno 2015, con revoca del limite massimo di quote sociali sottoscrivibili da parte di un soggetto terzo previsto in precedenza in Euro 12.000,00 (dodicimila e zero centesimi) comprensivo del soprapprezzo;
  • libera sottoscrizione dell’aumento di capitale senza alcuna limitazione di quote sottoscrivibili da parte di un soggetto terzo.  

Si dà atto che la suddetta modificazione delle condizioni di sottoscrizione del deliberato aumento di capitale sociale, inserita anche nella documentazione presente nell' InvestorKit, costituisce fatto nuovo che, ai sensi dell'art 25 Delibera Consob 18592, attribuisce agli investitori diversi dagli investitori professionali il diritto di revocare la propria sottoscrizione entro il termine di sette giorni dalla data in cui le presenti nuove informazioni sono state portate a sua conoscenza.   

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