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Our plants produce Wave Energy, using Wave Motion.Nowadays Wave Energy is more powerful including Renewable Energy. Today research is under way around the world for the exploitation of Wave Motion Energy. Regarding Triton Wave Energy System described below, through WavEC Certification is clear this System is the most Efficient those present on the market.

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The mission of Kiew begins with the belief that TRITON, our system for the production of electricity from wave patented in 28 countries worldwide, is able to:


  • Create greater production of cost reduced Electric Energy to the same power installed, compared to the technologies used today;
  • Reset the CO2 emissions of the technologies for the production of energy from renewable (today technologies are considered as renewable production, but which technically cannot be considered as such);
  • Increase (with accessories systems), the production of hydrogen, oxygen, hydromethane, CNG Synthetic, non-polluting products or very low pollution rate, with costs conrequired per unit produced and CO2 reuse that now you want to store in the basement;
  • Take down the Environmental Impact Assessment (see Wind Off Shore), by making Useful areas for the fish population and its basic Food Chain.



Year 2003, Joseph Raoul Piccinini was convinced to be able to realize a  simple mechanical system that could produce electricity by using the movement of

marine/ocean waves.


August 2009, a request of Italian patent “Production System Electricity using the movement of marine/ocean waves” was registered.


October 2009, presentation of the “Triton” technology at COEX in Seoul (SouthKorea).


Year 2011, ULSAN University participated in a Contest on Renewable Energies funded by Hyundai, where a prototype scale of the Triton system was created: the mathematical analysis by the University department shows the minimum capacity of the Triton system, representing 50% of rated electric plate.


March 2013, in Shanghai, presentation of the TRITON to CSITF, Italian pavilion.


October 2014, the Patent Office in Washington, D.C. (U.S.A.) accepted the request for “Italian” Patent and prepares and publishes the patent valid for “UNITED STATES of AMERICA”.


February 2015, filing European patent.


December 2015, the effectiveness of the patent in 11 countries outside the EU and 17 EU countries

including Italy is confirmed.





KIEW is the company that has its core business in the sale of the Energy Production System TRITON, but also the realization of its own Equipment for the production and sale of electricity.


TRITON is able to produce a minimal amount ranging from 2 to 6 times the electricity produced by other technologies used today.


TRITON is currently the Production System of Energy to Zero environmental impact, built with environmentally friendly materials and also promotes the repopulation and the fish ecosystem balance of marine areas where it is installed.



  • Low complexity construction
  • High Efficiency Production
  • Certification WavEC
  • Personal direct and indirect Occupation of employees in countries where TRITON is installed (since the systems are modular it is impossible to increase the power of the same according to the necessities, also by increasing the employers required for the maintenance, control, etc. of plants and networks).
  • The elements that make up the systems Triton, are updated during maintenance, so the system in the installation site has a role of permanent residence (no disposal).
  • The current predictability wave, 6/7 days, lets you know the energy that will produced and the possible integration needs with other types of systems, technologies, energy systems. TRITON is not in fact an “INTERMITTENT” technology.




The following are the potential implementations of TRITON in addition to its main function, to produce electricity "green", with 0 CO2 emissions and with maximum efficiency:


  • Production of Hydrogen.
  • Production of  Hydromethane.
  • Production of Oxygen.
  • Methane Production.
  • Synthetic Fuels (GTL).
  • Waste Disposal.
  • Desalination of water.
  • Powers of systems for air-conditioning / heating, housing, greenhouses, etc.
  • Special TRITON system, to feed underwater robot without any cable.
  • Control Systems / defense of marine area.
  • Increase of fish fauna.
  • Reduced costs for the nourishment of eroded coastal areas.


Thanks to TRITON any island or coastal area, that really wants to become “sustainable”, can be independent from fossil fuels.





Electrical Enterprises




Islands Or Coastal Areas

Energy Enterprises In The Following Areas:

  • Paper Industry
  • Plasticworking
  • Glassworking
  • Merger Of Metals
  • Metalworking
  • Railways And Rail Systems
  • Sector Automotive Industry, Etc



Target collecting € 720,000 in front of 10% of shares distributed. Minimum raise target is € 500,000, below which the money will go back to the potential investors .

We will use the collected money to:

  1. Make the product Triton, oceanic production buoy, of 50 kWp, install it make it productive, able to detect and transmit the wave data with the instantaneous electric production, technology that directly It will be visible on the web thanls to a webcam close to Busan (South Korea);
  2. Start searching for related applications such as desalination, to treat waste, high pressure hydrolysis systems and the energy efficiency systems;
  3. Start the commercial action directed to companies - municipalities and countries that have  shown their  interest into using the Triton plant for the production of electrical energy from wave motion.






The present study was developed on prudential quantitative basis, the number of “customer test mark” and the following number of systems installed 1MW Triton has been compiled with precautionary numbers. The significant interest shown by the market for the technology and future relative large areas of use will permit development with more rapid times and significant volumes.






In this figure is illustrated the shareholders captable.

The Capital Increase in Kiew Srl will be structured via the issuance of 1200 units, at a value of € 600 each.

The investment round provides for the subscription of a minimum of n. 834 units, for a total value € 500,000, up to a maximum of n. 1200 units, for a total value of € 720,000.

According to the amounts subscribed, the crowdfunding subscribers will receive preferred A shares or preffered B shares, with a minimum investment for the A shares of 36,000 €. Different rights for the shares are described as follows:

Preferred A shares:

- full capital rights;

- liquidation preference x 1

- voting rights only on matters that are modifying A shareholder rights;

- shares are transferible, except for the pre-emption right on A shareholders and Founders Shareholders;

Preferred B shares:

- full capital rights;

- voting rights only on matters that are modifying A shareholder rights;

- shares are transferible;


Investments in Triton, allows investors with tax residence in Italy, a deduction or tax deduction, depending on the fiscal nature of the subject subscriber, better following:

Individuals: in case of signing as an individual investment, investors have the right to deduct in their annual tax return an amount equal to 19% personal income tax than it invested. You set a maximum investment limit on which to determine the deduction amounted to € 500,000 per year, and a minimum of investment maintenance period of two years.

Legal Entities: Companies may be excluded from taxable income an amount equal to 20% IRES than invested. The maximum investment limit allowed is equal to € 1,800,000 per year and, as well as for individuals, it is required maintenance of the investment for at least two years


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